Annual Report

On behalf of the Isabella Foundation, thank you for supporting North Korean orphans. With your help, we’ve accomplished great things this past year! Here’s how you have changed the world for North Koreans:

RESCUES: Nuclear weapons and missile tests have filled the headlines in 2017, resulting in high tensions between North and South Korea, the United States, and China. In turn, this has resulted in higher surveillance of the Chinese-North Korean border. Both China and North Korea have stepped up border patrols in order to capture refugees. Because of this, it has been difficult to for orphans to cross the border. We attempted the rescue of 4 children in the summer, which was not successful. Fortunately, no one suffered as a result – the attempt was abandoned, not discovered. With your help, we are now in the process of rescuing one child under 6 years of age! We have also expanded our focus to include older North Korean teenagers and sex-trafficked women hiding in China. We recently rescued 3 young women, and the 2 year-old son of one of these women. Thanks to your support, they are now safely in South Korea beginning their new lives.

PUBLICITY AND DOCUMENTATION: Another area we are expanding on is researching the orphan situation in North Korea and publicizing those facts to raise awareness of the plight of North Korean orphans. In April, we organized a panel on North Korean orphans at Georgetown University during North Korea Freedom Week. Greg Scarlatoiu of the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea and 4 defectors living in South Korea gave testimony. They discussed their own stories and ways to obtain information about North Korean orphans. This information will include the number of orphanages and the number of orphans in those orphanages, how those orphans are fed, clothed, and housed, whether they are used for child slave labor, and also the number of orphans roaming shelterless on their own. About 50 people attended the event. Following this meeting, we set up an “Orphan Working Group” to pursue specific ways of obtaining such information.

POST-RESCUE ACTIVITY: We are in the process of setting up a support system for the North Korean orphans in South Korea. This will include a place to live or meet, and personal support to facilitate adjustment to and integration into South Korean life. This activity is being pursued together with South Korean pastors.

You made it possible to achieve these goals! We couldn’t have done it with you! Your donations directly impact the lives of North Korean orphans, and now other refugees too. We – and they – would greatly appreciate your continued support. You can donate online, by mail, or over the phone. Thank you again!



Pavel Klein